A warm, sunny March day was all we could ask for.. that and the expert guidance of Benjamin Butterworth, who seemingly transported us through the rolling French Vineyards. You could hardly tell you were in London..

The glorious affair was open to our members with a select few tickets available for non-members to join in the fun. It was a heart warming day, kicked off with Matt Whitmore giving an update on Yandisa’s 2021 and the awesome progress that the Foundation had seen in the 6 months since the last event (like establishing an awesome team, gaining our first corporate sponsor and launching this website!).

Our sommelier, Ben, kept us thoroughly entertained and wowed us with his knowledge of the delicious selection of wines he brought to our experience. Needless to say, there was little wastage on the day and everyone left feeling a bit more educated about the vast world of oenology (the study of wines) and perhaps slightly tipsy. Have a look at our after movie: