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Our Purpose

We are a charitable foundation on a mission to change and empower young lives through the gift of quality education.

The Yandisa foundation was created by a group of friends contributing towards an education fund for a young girl living in poverty, Yandisa. The power of giving has led to a far greater vision for the future of the foundation. Inspired by the story of our close friend, Everisto Chabalanda, we set out on a mission to give Yandisa, and bright young individuals like her, the financial freedom to choose their own paths in life. Everisto is a shining example of the real-life impact we are striving to achieve, having taken the opportunity having been gifted the opportunity to leave rural Zambia for a quality education, allowing him to achieve his dream of becoming a chartered accountant.

The foundation has since grown from strength to strength. By sharing Yandisa’s story, we are inspiring people and organisations to join our community and support the future of our young budding stars. We work hand-in-hand with the families of each child we support. Focusing on providing the skills required to achieve their goals and dreams, we focus on educational support by paying school fees, tutoring costs and day-to-day ancillary costs to alleviate some of pressures of rural living. Today, we are supporting two young ladies, Yandisa and Bulelwa, who are close friends.

The foundation is run by a team of like-minded individuals who freely contribute their time and unique set of talents and skills to create something magical. Our members and corporate sponsors join us in raising awareness and funding for the cause we are all so passionate about.‍


What does this mean for you?

Joining our community gives you the opportunity to make a difference in way that enriches your own life, as well as those of others.

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