2022 was a groundbreaking year for The Yandisa Foundation community, and the lives are supporting. We ended it with a festive Christmas Party hosted for our community, where we announced some of the key achievements during the year. Some key highlights here are:

  • 2 NEW TEAM MEMBERS, bringing us up to a 9 person team! Steph and Kerry Bruce are our power house sisters that are here to add their creative sparkle to the mix. Check out our team members page to find out more
  • Launched our website and set up our social media presence across all major platforms (growing our Instagram to nearly 600 followers)
  • Hosted 3 sellout events
  • Submitted our application to the Charities Commission to register as a formal Charitable Incorporated Organisation
  • Acquired our first corporate sponsor, PKF
  • And the most exciting of all, extended support to a second child, Bulelwa

We now have two beneficiaries, Yandisa and Bulelwa, who are our lovely young ladies (and good friends) living in the informal settlement of Malacca Road in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Our aim is to provide the foundation to empower these young girls with a luxury that we probably all take for granted on a daily basis – and that is the power of choice. So what have we done this year to work towards this for our girls?

Yandisa moved schools this year to a higher grade institution. It’s been a bit an adaption for her due to the hike in the level of schooling but we are ensuring she has all the support she needs to come up to speed, organising her a tutor two times a week. Yandisa absolutely loves her tutor and we were sent a letter that she wrote to her expressing how much she adores her.

Bulelwa is on a bursary at a private school due to her strong aptitude for  academics. However, going to private school has a boat load of hidden costs such as school branded stationary, additional extra mural and school activity costs and the like which we work to cover so that she has the same experience as her fellow peers.

Watching the progress these girls have made in 1 year with their English, reading, writing and motivation to do well is a testament to the hard work our team is putting into growing The Yandisa foundation. Thank you all for the love and support you showed them! Bring on the new year.