Bingo on the Themes

Our second event was a fun day floating on the Themes, counting numbers until the ‘Bingo!’ call was sounded.

Without losers, there are no winners.

A thought that some of our members needed to remember. It was another incredible occasion, welcoming our old and new members alike.

The day kicked off with an update on the Yandisa. We showcased some special photos taken of her during her birthday shopping spree, which we treated her to with the help of the Seed Fund.

Matt also shared our exciting news, that based on the momentum generated so far, we were well on track to reach our target set for the first year of establishment. With that being said, we were led into an exciting (and disappointing for some) afternoon of bingo onboard the Battersea Barge.

A big thank you to our hosts – Rob Wilson and Alyssa Halse – for keeping us entertained throughout the number announcements.

A special shout out to our winners: Tristan Lloyd, Amy and Jules Bowman, Jesse Filaferro who made off with some epic prizes.